Our Guides

Whiteroom prides itself on providing the highest quality guiding and tour products. We have achieved this by building a professional team of hand picked ski and snowboard guides from around the world with exceptional local knowledge. Our team members originate from a variety of professional ski industry backgrounds but all have one very important thing in common, their love of the mountains and Japanese powder.

At Whiteroom, our number one priority is your safety, which is why all customers guided outside the resort boundaries must personally carry appropriate avalanche safety equipment. All our guides are certified in avalanche safety management and first aid, plus with mountain guiding accreditations or ski patrol background you can be assured you are in safe hands. Whiteroom guides receive on going training in first aid, backcountry travel and avalanche safety with their respective country’s mountain safety associations & through our in-house training programs. Daily guide meetings are held in each area to analyse the days weather, snow pack and prevailing conditions. Combined with our seasons knowledge bank we make the best decisions to ensure you ski or ride the best lines & maximise your experience.

All of this makes for an epic day with one of our Whiteroom Guides. So meet the team;


Meet the Whiteroom crew:

PAUL ELLISPaul_Ellis-Whiteroom


After seasons working in the US, Australia and Japan, as well as expeditions to the mountains of Central Asia, Paul started what was to become Whiteroom Tours in 2007 with an idea to create a website around helping those venturing into the backcountry around the world. Backcountry Logistics was created and soon born Backcountry Snow Tours, which had tours planned for Pakistan, Gulmarg and Furano, Japan. Seeing that the market wasn’t really there for backcountry tours to remote locations yet he moved to offering a resort based Japan tour and sold ESS Boardstore owner Mark Chandler on the idea. In 2007 the first tour was run to Furano. In 2010 he founded Whiteroom Tours with the aim showing more people the areas in Hokkaido he came to love. Today Whiteroom Tours has grown into a Travel Agency, Tour Operator and Guiding Company with more than 30+ tours all over Japan as well as NZ and Alaska, and guiding throughout Japan. APSI Level 2 SB, RC F.Aid, AST2 equivalent..





Ross has seen more winter than most people see in two lifetimes. Having first guided in Japan with Whiteroom Tours four seasons ago, he now heads up our Japan operations. He is responsible for managing, training and sourcing new guides as well as insuring Whiteroom runs to the highest of standards. Ross has over 21 years experience as a Thredbo Ski Patroller, National Ski Patrol trainer and examiner plus skied 16 years in Hokkaido, 8 as a ski guide. He holds his NZ Avalanche Stage 1 Professional, Remote/Advanced/Advanced Resus/Occupational First Aid and is also an Avalanche Awareness and First Aid Trainer.





An Irish man who happened to land on his feet in the high alpine of NZ. Ronan has since made the mountains his home and Ski Patrolling, Avalanche Training & Avalanche Forecasting his profession complete with Jazz, his Avy Search and Rescue Dog. With eleven seasons at Mt Hutt as well several in America, Canada & Japan, Ronan is now NZMSC’s National Avalanche Forecaster and manages Snow Safety and the Avalanche Program for Mt Hutt. He looks forward to sharing his passion for the Mountains with you and enjoying some good turns together.





Joel started skiing at the age of four with a family trip to Smiggins Holes but it wasn’t until about ten years ago with his first experience of going into the backcountry, that he got really passionate about skiing. He is our backcountry hiking machine and loves an adventure. This has taken him around the world skiing almost all of the major ski zones, the European Alps, Rocky Mountains (USA, Alaska, Canada), the Andes (Argentina, Chile), Japan, the Himalayas (India), New Zealand and of course the often-maligned Australian alps.  He has worked for Whiteroom Tours for the last two seasons and will head up our guiding operation in Furano.  Joel has Ski Patrolled around the world for 8 plus seasons, holds his Canadian Avalanche Association Operations Level 2, remote first aid, completed several advanced mountaineering courses & begun the pathway to become an NZMGA guide.





Having learnt to ski at Whakapapa in the early 90’s it wasn’t until Dave was 19 that he really started skiing after a season at Mt Dobson. Dave now calls the mountains of the South Island his home and has made skiing his life. With 10 years experience patrolling around the world as well as adventures to the US, Alaska, Canada, Japan and over 120 days of touring trips in NZ, Dave is now on the path to become an NZMGA  guide. During the NZ season he is a Heli and Touring Ski Guide as well as Avalanche Trainer. He holds his NZMSC Stage 2, NZMGA Winter 1 and Pre-Hostpital Emergency Care. He guides for us in both NZ and Japan and can’t wait to share his passion with you.