Welcome to Big Whites blog spot! Its on like a prawn that yawns at dawn!!!

Welcome to Whiteroom Tours, your one stop junkie shop for that ‘never-satiated’ Powder Hunt! These guys are serious about what they do, so if you don’t want to a holiday to some of the lightest, driest, fluffiest powder on earth, then surf as far away from this site as quickly as your spindly fingers will click you. First and foremost, Whiteroom Tours is by riders and skiers and FOR riders and skiers. You won’t get any cheesy marketing snow jobs (very appropriate) from anyone associated with Whiteroom, and that also goes for the blog writers!

On this particular blog over the Winter 2010-11 season, I will be covering the fantastic winter playground, Big White Ski Resort, in the Okanagan region- British Columbia- in Canada’s stunning Rocky Mountain range. I have been honoured with the privilege of bringing fanatical riders ‘real’ insiders info on what is happening from week to week at Big White. I will be providing current photography on a weekly basis, and a ‘no codshit’ coverage of the conditions, and doing my best of representing the truck loads of snow related fun & ‘good times’ (henceforth know as GT’s) this resort provides to skii’ers and boarders from Canada and around the globe.
The purpose of my blogspot, is to give you accurate feedback, actual conditions on the ground, and if it is simply worth the effort or not. Hopefully, the blogs you will find within these pages will better shape and simplify your informed decision making, as to which mountain is right for you, and if you should be getting out here on a tour for tomorrow mornings ‘freshies’, or if you should be waiting for the next epic dump to fall. When it does fall though, Big White provides famously dry champagne powder, with the backdrop of the gorgeous Rocky mountains.
Remember we are here for you, the snow blazers, so get that ski holiday booked, or make your own journey with a car full of boards, buddies & beer (not necessarily in that order) to Big White ski resort for a snow hound adventure, you won’t soon forget.