Tohoku Awaits


Escape the crowds and experience authentic Japanese culture

The Tohoku region is located in the northern part of Honshu Island and is scattered with ski resorts, about 580km north of Tokyo. The area is rich in traditional Japanese culture and famous for its festivals and numerous natural onsen. This region is home to ski resorts including Appi Kogen and Zao Onsen.

Check out the Juhyo or ‘snow monsters’ at Zao, fir trees clumped with ice and snow which take on odd shapes from the heavy snowfall and freezing winds

Population: 8.6 million

Tohoku covers the north eastern region of Honshu, and consists of six prefectures: Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata.


The capital of Iwate Prefecture, Morioka is a beautiful city and home to some very cool bars and amazing restaurants. A great base when visiting a range of nearby resorts including Geto Kogen, Appi Kogen, Hachimantai, Shizukuishi and Tazawako. Each resort offers loads of that famous Japanese powder and very few foreigners.

Hakkoda & Aomori

Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on Japan’s main island, and beautiful Aomori city makes a great seaside retreat. Nearby Hakkoda Ski Resort is a true adventure; ascend to the peak and explore the limitless backcountry possibilities and dodge snow-monsters on the way down!


Aizu is the westernmost of the three regions of Fukushima Prefecture, home to award winning sake, samurai culture and beautiful castles from the feudal era.


Zao Onsen is one of Japan’s oldest resorts located in the Yamagate Prefecture, famous as a hot spring resort and for the Juhyo or ‘Snow monsters’ that appear every winter on the upper slopes. In terms of terrain, Zao is a large spread out resort with long runs and great terrain for intermediates. There are also relatively few foreigners, adding to its appeal.


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