A truly unique culture awaits

Japan Stopovers

Come for the snow stay for the culture!

Japan is a land of rich culture, delicious food, beautiful scenery, futuristic cities and friendly and inviting people. Whilst you will get to experience a taste of Japan if you just travel to the snow, the real Japan awaits beyond the ski resort boundaries.

Adding a visiting the Geisha city of Kyoto, wandering through the bright lights of Tokyo or simply taking in the countryside as you speed along on a bullet train will add that special something to your trip which makes Japan so unique.

Whiteroom can add in any pre or post tour Japan travels you would like. See sections below for more information and a small taste of the accommodation options on offer. Give us a call and we can help you to arrange the best ski and cultural holiday.

Population: 125 million


Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis which encapsulates all aspects of Japan. You can catch a glimpse of future technology in Akihabara, or get swept up in the fast pace life and energy of the city in Shibuya. Visit an ancient temple and catch a glimpse of traditional life in Asakusa, shop to your hearts content in Shinjuku, and feel the pulse of the underground fashion style scene in Harajuku.


Kyoto is over 1200 years old and for 1000 years was the capital of Japan. Today Kyoto is Japan’s cultural epicentre with many of the buildings and temples dating back several hundred years. Due to the cultural significance of the city, Kyoto was spared during air raids during World War II.


Tokyo’s smaller hip cousin, Osaka is a vibrant, outgoing foodie city – stay here if you want to be in a modern city with lots of lively night time bar and restaurant options.


Famous for its yearly Snow Festival in early February, Sapporo is a great city to visit pre/post snow, and your gateway to Hokkaido via nearby Chitose Airport.


Whiteroom is an IATA registered travel agency with over 10 years specialising in Japan snow holidays. Our knowledgeable travel consultants can arrange flights, transfers and unique accommodation options to create your perfect travel package.

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