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Japan Ski and Snowboard Tours

The people of Japan are an incredibly polite race. With that said, it is important to respect and embrace their culture while there. You know what they say, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”. It’s a bit of a cliché, but holds true for every traveller. Aside from that aspect, Japan is known for great places to ski! Here are some travel tips when in Japan.

Travel Tips and What You Need to Know

The Famous Onsens
The term onsen is the Japanese term for hot spring. Mind you, there are many onsens in Japan, considering the degree of geothermal activity in the said country. Hot springs are the perfect solution for those muscle sores. In most places, there are onsens that are separated based on gender, though there are a few that have mixed for tourists or for private use. So if you want to experience the Japanese culture, try soaking in the hot, soothing spring waters to relax your body especially after trekking or doing rigorous activities.

The Ski Areas of Japan
Most tourists who are first-time visitors to Japan would find it hard to find a local establishment that can speak English. Finding an English-friendly resort may be a good idea to start especially for someone who is not familiar around the areas of Japan and can’t speak their language. So this is where Whiteroom Tours come in, we make sure that for your first time visit in Japan, we can show you where the great ski resorts are and you do not have to worry about speaking in Japanese – we can bring you to resorts that are English-friendly. We’ll take you to some of these famous places like the Niseko Ski Resorts, Hakuba Ski Resorts, and the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resorts.

Japan may not be as big as North America, but you will love the not so crowded slopes and abundant powder snow. Japan’s winter sports destinations are a lot like the North American and European counterparts, so be prepared to pack yourself layers of clothing to protect yourself from the changing weather conditions.

Bringing the Right Gear When Bound for Japan
With Japan’s winter sports destinations, snow can accumulate quickly so you need to bring some waterproof hiking or snow boots as you are nearing your destination. You will find that almost all resort in Japan provide high quality rental ski and snowboard equipment including goggles, gloves, helmets and anything that you need to have an enjoyable skiing experience in Japan.
Whiteroom Tours also offers provisions for avalanche beacons, shovels and touring gear when venturing out into the backcountry.


Japan-Niseko Ski and Snowboard Tours

Japan Niseko Ski and Snowboard Tours

Safety and Security
Of course, in every travels and tours, there is always a mandatory safety precaution that every group has to follow in order to protect themselves in case of emergencies or unexpected turn of events. It is always best to be safe and ready than be sorry.

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