Tokyo Hotels

Welcome the Capital

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis which encapsulates all aspects of Japan. You can catch a glimpse of future technology in Akihabara, get swept up in the fast pace lift and energy of the city in Shibuya, visit an ancient temple and catch a glimpse of traditional life in Asakusa, shops to your hearts content in Shinjuku, feel the pulse of the underground fashion style scene in Harajuku or leave the hustle and bustle behind as you relax in a traditional teahouse in one of the many state gardens within the city.

The below listings are just a small selection of what is on offer in Tokyo…

Sensoji Temple – A temple for the Goddess of Mercy in Asakusa

Tokyo Sky Tree – The tallest tower in Asia

Harajuku – Renowned for the quirky and vibrant street scene. Come here to buy the best in trendy fasion

Tokyo Tower – The Eiffel Tower of Japan, you can view the city of Tokyo and Mt Fuji.

Shibuya – Home to the Shinjuku Scramble; the famous 4 way crossing.

Roppongi – The night life capital of Tokyo, come here for a big night out or to visit one of the many museums in the day time.

Shinjuku – When staying in Shinjuku a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan building is a must. You can visit the observation deck for free and see for yourself how vast Tokyo is.

Studio Ghibli – This should be high on any anime or movie fans list. Ghibli is the Disney of Japan and the museum is full of woderfull displays of their most memorable movies.

Kabukicho – Located in Shinjuku this is the entertainment and red light district of Tokyo. Visit the Robot Cafe or live out your childhood fantasy and race Mario Cart in VR at the VR Zone 

Yoyogi Park – Yoyogi park should be on your must see list especially on the weekend. Each Sunday sees performs present their shows. If you visit Meji Jingumae Shrine you might see a traditional wedding and Harajuku is located right next to the park entrance.

3 night add-on

Tokyo is a vast and varied city with something for everyone. You can easily spend a week in Tokyo but for those with limited time 3 nights should be enough to take in the highlights of the city.

Spend a day shopping in Shinjuku and Harajuku before visiting Mejijungumae Temple and Yoyogi Park. In the evening prepare for the surreal with a show at the Robot Cafe or meet some friendly locals on Golden Gai.

The next day a trip to Asakusa will see you visit Sensoji Temple and take in the views from the observation deck at Tokyo Sky Tree. A quick stop in Akihabara for your tech and anime needs and then off to dinner in an Izakaya in Shibuya.

Day three could see you wander through Shinjuku-Gyoenmae gardens partaking in a tea ceremony before heading off to the airport or onto Kyoto on the bullet train.