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On Tour with Whiteroom – Daisetsu Backcountry

Japan is well known for some of the driest powder in the world, and with the northern island of Hokkaido’s generally consistent low temperatures, it can stay that way well after a new snowfall. Many of the ski resorts across Hokkaido sit below 1300 metres, yet the powder is still amazing. Imagine what lies in wait for those who decide to venture higher? We’ve been there, and our Daisetsu Backcountry Tour allows us to share it with you.

The Hokkaido backcountry… home to fresh lines, dry powder and no crowds.
When in Rome….

The Daisetsuzan National Park in central Hokkaido is home to a plethora of volcanic mountains and amazing vistas. You’ll be exploring this range over 6 days and 7 nights, with the tour remaining fully flexible to ensure we can chase the best snow.

With elevations reaching well over 2000 metres, the Daisetsu Mountain range has many options.
Whether you skin, splitboard or snowshoe on the way up, our guides will get you to the top on the best and safest line.
Many peak ascents may involve a bootpack section, expertly plotted by our guides.
Great rewards await those who are prepared to earn their turns!
Well and truly in the whiteroom.

Only your first two nights in Furano are pre-booked, with the remaining nights booked on the go based on weather conditions. Areas we visit include nearby Tokachidake and Furanodake, where we make use of various ridgelines to skin, splitboard or snowshoe our way to our favourite runs. We also visit Kurodake and Asahidake, utilising their lifts before hiking higher and further into the backcountry.

Whether its summiting the peak at Kurodake, or finding waist deep snow top to bottom, you’ll experience the thrill of deep Japanese powder at it’s best.

Furanodake offers a multitude of options.
Amazing views await on a clear day at Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido at 2291m.
Steep terrain awaits in Hokkaido… if you know where to look.
Waist deep snow isn’t a dream… but it does feel like it.

This is just some of what we offer, as we are always exploring new mountains and adventures to share with our guests. With a maximum of 8 people on tour with our 2 professional and experienced guides, camaraderie and fresh tracks for all are a priority!

Enjoying a traditional Japanese meal after a big day on the mountain.

The crew enjoying a mixed natural onsen at Tokachidake.

Karaoke, a staple of Japanese nightlife.

Nothing beats sharing fresh powder with a group of like minded people.

If you’d like to know more about the Hokkaido backcountry and our Daisetsu Backcountry Tour get in touch – we’d love you to join us!

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