Niseko Backcountry Tour

Niseko Backcountry Tour

If you want to earn your turns and experience abundant, untracked powder in terrain that few visit during their stay in Niseko, this tour is for you. New for 2017, we’ve created the Niseko Backcountry Tour for backcountry enthusiasts which will take you on an adventure into some of Hokkaido’s best and deepest powder.


Earn your turns and escape the crowds…

Deep Powder

Deep turns like this are what we keep returning to Japan for.


Our highly experienced guides will take you to Goshiki Onsen where we’ll explore the peaks of Iwaonupuri, Nihonupuri and Chisenupuri. Geared towards advanced skiers and snowboarders, we can accommodate ski tourers or splitboarders, and even help you arrange and access these peaks with snowshoes if you don’t have your own touring gear.


Chisenpuri Onsen

Skirting a natural onsen at Chisenpuri at the end of a days touring.


During the tour we also aim to visit Shiribetsu, an extinct volcano located next to Rusutsu Resort. A spot that few people visit, you’ll enjoy great views of the surrounding area before dropping in to steep pitches and some exciting tree runs. You’ll be a world away from the crowds at Niseko’s resorts with a group of like minded people, thigh deep in the best of Japanese powder!


Shiribetsu Hike

Heading towards Shiribetsu, friendly approach options and great lines!

Shiribetsu Hiking

Ski Touring, Splitboarding or Snowshoeing – everyone is welcome.

Deep Powder

We’ll be hunting for turns like this one every day…


You’ll stay with us for 7  nights and have 5 guided touring days as part of this backcountry tour package. If the weather gives us an opportunity during this time, we’ll also aim to take on Mt Yotei, an inactive volcano and very familiar site to all those who visit the area, as it sits directly opposite the Niseko United resorts. Peaking at 1898m, Mt Yotei remains hidden in the clouds for most of the peak winter season, but even if we can’t reach the summit due to weather there’s some great terrain to explore in the lower sections of the mountain.


Mt Yotei Morning Sun

Mt Yotei greeting the morning in all it’s glory – not a common sight in the winter months.


If the stars do align for us and all weather conditions are favourable we will set our sites on the peak, and after a 4-7 hour hike you’ll be rewarded with a run down into the volcanoe’s cauldron! Not your average day that’s for sure. To top it off the run back down is ~1500m of epic bowls, pipes and trees; something few get to experience.


r turns on Yotei.

Fresh turns for all in the crater of Mt Yotei.

View from Yotei

Views from the peak of Mt Yotei towards Niseko, with the Sea of Japan in the background.

Deep powder

Every step on the way up brings it’s rewards…


With a 4 to 1 Client to Guide ratio, this tour ensures you’ll get your fair share of fresh lines, and allows us to create a fun atmosphere with a focus on safety for all. We’ll also show you a good time in Niseko with our Welcome and Farewell dinners, and the Onsen Tour where we visit a great natural onsen.. such a good way to relax your muscles after a day in the mountains.


Full Note Lodge Niseko

Your accommodation in Niseko, Full Note Lodge.


Interested? If you’d like to know more you can contact us via the website or call us in Australia on +61 3 9639 0372.

Full details of the Niseko Backcountry Tour.

Greg Young