Powder Belt Backcountry Tour

8 NIGHTS | 7 DAYS SKIING/RIDING | from ¥325,000

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Central Hokkaido has some of Japan’s most easily accessible backcountry. It’s the perfect place for those new to touring the backcountry or those who have done it before but don’t need to hike all day every day. When you have touring gear a whole new world opens up, runs that weren’t possible due to a massive boot pack hike out become an easy 15-20 min tour.

Using the lifts in Furano, Tomamu, Kamui, Asahidake, Kurodake and Sahoro we will head into the backcountry for endless fresh lines. There is also the option of full touring days in Tokachidake and other lesser-known backcountry areas.

This 8-night tour will have you staying in the beautiful Rising Sun B&B in Kitanomine, Furano where your host Gonzo will look after your every need.

All this will be fully guided by two of our experienced guides and with a max of 10 people on the tour, it’ll be just you and deep JAPOW!!




14 – 22 Jan 2022 – ¥360,000 – 6 SPOTS LEFT

22 – 30 Jan 2022  – ¥360,000 – 2 SPOTS LEFT

30 Jan – 7 Feb 2022 – ¥360,000 – 6 SPOTS LEFT

12 – 20 Feb 2022 – ¥360,000 – 3 SPOTS LEFT

26 Feb – 6 Mar 2022 – ¥325,000 – 6 SPOTS LEFT

Secure your spot with a ¥20,000 fully transferable and refundable deposit


6 to 1 Client to Guide ratio

6-10 people max per tour. 4 person minimum.

Skill Level: Advanced – Expert in powder (some touring experience)

You must be able to ski/board the whole mountain in all conditions confidently at speed and have advanced ability in powder, through trees in steep terrain and in variable conditions. Snowboarders in this level are able to keep speed in flat sections by planning ahead as well as hold a solid traverse line and be able to hop up and manoeuvre in a way as to not slow down the group. You must have a very good level of fitness and be able to hike for around 1-2 hours total per day. Groups are split up into ski/board/ability levels and AT/skins set-up or split-boards are required. You must have had some experience using this equipment. The idea of these tours is to use the lifts for their vertical bump, smash the easy pow then use our touring gear to go further and further away from the lifts in search of more fresh lines. On some days we will not use the lifts at all – it’s all up to the group and the conditions.

Check your ability level here.



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Prices are in Japanese Yen and include consumption tax. Correct as of 11th Dec 2020. LAND ONLY. (See our terms and conditions for full details)


  • Full guided & hosted
  • Resort Liner airport transfers & daily transport
  • 8 nights twin/triple share accommodation at Hotel Munin
  • 7 guide days at both resorts & backcountry areas
  • Lift passes for any resort as required
  • Welcome & farewell dinner party
  • Daily breakfast
  • Optional cultural day tour
  • Onsen (hot spring) tour
  • Whiteroom T-shirt



– Single share accommodation – ¥7500 per night
– Avalanche gear rental – ¥12,500 for 7 days
– Discounted flights with Qantas ex Australian capital cities
– Extra nights accommodation & ski days in Niseko or elsewhere
– Additional guided days (Kurodake)/Tokachidake backcountry guided day

NOTE: Avalanche safety gear is compulsory for all our tours. Please advise us upon booking if you have your own gear or will need to rent.



Arrival/Check-in day – 1st night

Upon landing at Sapporo’s Chitose Airport you’ll be transferred by coach to Furano. On arrival you’ll be welcomed by our team, and then checked into Rising Sun B&B. That night we’ll host you in their bar where you’ll meet our lead guide and managers who will run you through the tour, weather and answer any questions you have. 

Day 1
First day on the mountain. Your guides will warm up those legs in the backcountry of Furano. We’ll start to push wide to hunt out some fresh powder and ensure all our touring gear is working. Celebrate your awesome first day with a delicious 4 course meal of local Furano ingredients at our Welcome Dinner Party.

Day 2
Day tour to Tomamu. Here we will spend the day guiding you through the trees and bowls of Tomamu. The north bowl collects the light dry powder of the region and with an easy 20-30 minute tour back out to the resort we’ll make quick work and get loads of backcountry laps in here.

Day 3
Day tour to Kamui Ski Links. Another great resort with epic backcountry straight off the lift and short hike back to resort. Finish off the day with a soak in Ashibetsu Onsen on the way home.

Day 4
Have a rest or hit Furano’s backcountry again. With a no down days on this tour that means you have the option of either skiing some more or enjoying some cultural experiences such as the world renowned Gotosumio Art Museum, snowmobiling, ice hole fishing, hot air ballooning and much more.

Day 5
Today we’ll head south to Minamifurano to a little resort with an expansive backcountry. With some of the best tree skiing in the area and drops down to road pick ups this is a favourite backcountry spot for our guides especially when the winds up. That night we’ll wander through Furano, and dine in one of it’s great restaurants and enjoy a local beer at the brewery.

Day 6
Time to check out Asahidake. Everyone has heard of it and if you time it right it is truely and awesome experience. Think volcano, fumaroles (steam vents), steep chutes, some of the deepest and lightest powder you’ll have ever experienced and loads of backcountry to explore of the lift. Finish that off with soak in one of the local onsen and you’ll be in heaven.

Day 7
Last day and whilst you may be beat and wish to use the lifts we do have the option of tackling Tokachidake! From the highest drivable point in Hokkaido you have one of its biggest National Parks and an expansive backcountry touring zone in which to explore. This is the perfect way to end a backcountry touring tour in Central Hokkaido

Day 8
Time to check out and say good bye to your new friends and transfer to Sapporo’s Chitose Airport for your flight home with memories to last a lifetime! If you’re flight departs late in the day there is even a chance to get a few more turns in!


NOTE: This itinerary is an example. Each day we will consider the weather and fit the tour around where the best conditions are. This is the beauty of such a tour.

The snow conditions weren’t great at the start, but the guides did what they could with the conditions, and once we got a dump, we were riding great snow for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed the variety of resorts and terrain, and finding great lines straight away, but still with the adventure of heading into the unknown. There were many highlights as a result of the varied terrain and conditions, but the best single run was probably from the high ridgeline at Furano in deep pow and the best single day was probably Kamui as a result of conditions and a relaxed fun day.

– David Colls 2020

I am very happy with our guiding team. They worked hard to find good places for us to ski and I understand it was a challenging task as it was warm and no new snow coming for the whole week… They made everything they could to keep us positive and make our stay rememberable. Their communication was very good, as was the safety awareness.

– Daniel Soors 2020

They (guides) were very nice and it felt like they did everything to find good snow for us. It felt like they were keeping track of snow conditions and safety. They found very nice restaurants in the evening for us.

– Lars Matsson 2020

What an epic skiing adventure…and what a beautiful Country!!

This tour offers an excellent mix of the best of everything you’d expect when seeking a super exciting JAPOW experience……excellent resort skiing, run after run of guided ‘out-of-bounds’ trecks to secret and untracked areas, challenging Alpine Touring days where you (and your guide and mates) have an entire section of a huge mountainside and/or volcano to yourself……I could go on and on and on.

Then there’s the culture, the food and the Japanese people……’beautiful’ is the only single word to describe all three! I cannot talk this tour and Whiteroom Tours up enough (our guide Sam…a professional at all times, a super knowledgeable guy and and very very cool dude; and General Manager Emily and her team…always there to help or answer any question promptly…a really nice bunch of people).

In summary, I found Whiteroom Tours did an impeccable job to ensure the experience you seek is as perfect as one can be, the natural beauty of Japans landscape and its people is absolutely unique, and the powder is simply insane 🇯🇵👌👌👌👌👌

– Martin Phipps 2019

The guides were great. Super knowledgeable friendly and professional. They picked interesting and various terrain every day.

There was never any concerns for safety yet they allowed me the freedom to pick my own lines. Rising Sun is unique and comfortable and Gonzo and his wife are super cool proprietors.

Honestly, I can not think of a single thing you could do to make this trip better.

PS I never fill out this type of questionnare. I am very impressed with this tour therefore I felt compelled to fill this out. Great job!

– Alex Keylin 2019

Furano Ski Resort

Furano is a country town of about 20,000 people with an awesome ski hill. With over 100 bars and restaurants, you’ll be able to experience true Japanese hospitality. On the mountain, you’ll enjoy some of the best tree skiing in Hokkaido, with easy to access steep faces, mellow glades, and gullies full of hits for skiers and snowboarders. The cold temperatures in Furano keep the 9 metres of annual snow light and dry and when it’s on, it is quite simply the best. Add to this the distinct lack of crowds and express lifts that take you to the top of 3.5km runs in a little over ten minutes and you have a recipe for leg burning skiing. The backcountry here is epic – 900m of fall line vert filled with pillows!


Tomamu strikes a chord with all who ride its mountains. With arguably the best in-bounds powder skiing in Hokkaido, you’ll be wanting to come back for more. Mt. Tomamu at 1239m, offers skiers and snowboarders a wide variety of runs catering to all abilities. With 11 lifts, Tomamu has some great options. It also offers skiers and boarders an awesome park and off-piste section which is roped off from the rest of the crowd. However, it’s Tomamu’s backcountry which makes it special.


Tokachidake is the highest volcanic peak in the Daisetsuzan National Park standing at 2,077 metres. It has some of the best backcountry touring terrain in Hokkaido with easy access from a central road that takes you to the highest drivable point in Hokkaido. The something here for everyone with wide-open bowls, magical Japanese birch forests or steep chutes – one aptly named TGR. Furanodake is the most popular touring area with 3 main ridges easily accessible from the road giving you an expansive area in which to tour and ski. There are always fresh to be found in this zone and our guides know it better than most.


Asahidake is one of the most popular touring locations in Hokkaido, due to the easy access to above treeline terrain given by the Ropeway at the bottom of the volcano (top height 1600m) and the fame of the mountain itself, which at 2290m is the highest in Hokkaido. Short hikes are often required along the ridges at the summit and there is the option of hiking around the volcano. Expect chutes, alpine bowls, massive pillows and epically deep powder. Once at the bottom, all roads lead to the Ropeway.

Kamui Ski Links 

Kamui is a small ski resort set on its own, 1 hour north of Furano. With 7 lifts accessing a network of wide-open cruisers as well as powder-filled trees and gullies, you’ll feel like your riding your own private mountain as crowds here a virtually non-existent – unless school kids on the beginner lifts count. Combine that with one of Japan’s most open ski area policies and there is enough here to suit every kind of skier and boarder.


Asahidake is one of the most popular touring locations in Hokkaido, due to the easy access to above treeline terrain given by the Ropeway at the bottom of the volcano (top height 1600m) and the fame of the mountain itself, which at 2290m is the highest in Hokkaido. Short hikes are often required along the ridges at the summit and there is the option of hiking around the volcano. Expect chutes, alpine bowls, massive pillows and epically deep powder. Once at the bottom, all roads lead to the Ropeway.

Tokachi Sahoro Resort

Sahoro is a resort full of surprises. From short fun shots between the lifts to full vert tree runs down to the road, it’ll sure put a smile on your dial!  It’s well protected and is a good option when the weather has come in.


A quiet mountain and a good option when the storms are coming in. Plenty of trees to ski through, good pitch and no people off-piste. This is a great mountain when everywhere else is busy or clapped-out due to low visibility or high winds.


Hotel Munin

In Furano, we are staying in a brand new boutique hotel located in the middle of Kitanomine close to restaurants and bars. With well-appointed rooms, a sumptuous lounge and a lovely onsen, this Hotel will make the Central Hokkaido Tour special Japanese experience.