Terms & Conditions


Course booking confirmation

  • Course booking confirmation is only confirmed upon full payment being received


Payment options

  • Credit Card Payment to be made via Square.
  • Australian Courses 2.2% Surcharge
  • Japan Courses 3.25 % Surchage.
  • Direct deposit – Australian Courses Only


Cancellation by the participant

  • Over 30 days  – Full course refund less an administration charge of 20% will apply
  • 30 days or less – 100% of course fee will be forfeited”


Cancellation by Whiteroom Education

  • Whiteroom Education reserves the right to cancel any course before it is confirmed to run. A course is confirmed once it has reached the minimum number of participants required as defined by Whiteroom Education.This applies to all courses. Whiteroom Education reserves the right to cancel any course prior to the course date, for any unforeseen circumstance beyond our control. If this occurs you will be given the option of changing to another course or receiving a full refund. Whiteroom Education is not responsible for any incidental expense you have incurred as a result of your booking. If you choose an alternative course and it is at a lower value than your original course you will be refunded the difference. If the alternative course is of a higher value then you will pay the difference in price.



  • If you are eligible for a refund once a booking has been cancelled, the balance less cancellation fees will be forwarded. Whiteroom Education will endeavour to get your money to you as soon as possible.



  • I acknowledge & understand that skiing, snowboarding & snowshoeing are sports that are hazardous and have inherent risks of injury &/or death. I voluntarily agree to assume all risks of injury or death that may result to me from skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. I hereby release Whiteroom Tours & Peak RPM plus their employees & agents of any obligation to advise me in relation to the dangers obvious or not, inherent in the sport. I accept that I will participate in such sport(s) of my own free will & never at the direction of Whiteroom Tours, Peak RPM &/or their employees and agents. I voluntarily take full responsibility for any damage or injury to myself or which I may cause to others.



  • If you are participating in a Whiteroom Education Avalanche Course run in partnership with Peak RPM Training you will need to read and sign our waiver and send this back to us before participation. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to participate in any Avalanche Course training.