Break out the brews and boards, Big white is open for business!

Due to the below season average temperature and all the white stuff that has come early this year, Big White has opened a small part of its ski hill until more snow finds its way to the ground! Everyone hopes this is a sign of things to come. Well who wouldn’t? I will just say now, I am excited, and down like brown town! Unfortunately I missed opening weekend, on the count of being stuck 4,029 Km away in Toronto for the next couple of weeks, until I make my way back to the mountains of BC.

Kelowna will soon be our brand new home, as my girlfriend and I have been travelling around the world for the past 2 years, and both had postitive past experiences with Kelowna and the Okanagan. This area is great for the outdoors type (and wine drinker!). This means my perspective of the Okanagan will be virgin impressions, as a new local of the area, and more similar to how many tourists will be vibing when rolling into the area for the first time. I think this will only be a positive, as instead of focusing on comparisons with previous seasons and how the area has changed over the years- for better or worse- I will instead provide my perspective of how the ski hill and city is treating us, what the resort is like discovering it with new eyes, where the saweat hidden jib nooks are, and also dropping just how the snow performs compared to other ski resorts and powder destinations in Canada and around the world. Keep it locked on Whiterooms Blogspot for more over the coming 10-11 winter.