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Things we do in life to fulfil our desires- Part 2- A leisurely stroll down the Americas to the Argentinian Andes

Two weeks in a beaten up Van, well over twenty hours in the air, hopping about on cheap red-eye connections, 20 bottles of vino, & almost 30hours on a coach, just to achieve one goal. The hunt for South American champagne powder! Admittedly, the Argentinian bus system is one of the most comfortable bus rides available anywhere on earth, but the figures needed to chase your dreams can be- in hindsight- astounding. This tally has nothing to do with our endless search- before this particular adventure- for the best powder on earth, that has taken us, as a duo, to … Continue reading →

Things we do in life to fulfil our desires- Part 1

You know those things you do in life that to anyone else but you, just doesn’t make a single iota of sense? You know those avocations; when the driving passion to play lawn bowls is just too much to bear, you simply had to convert your backyard into that beautifully manicured pitch of grass & cancel your job at Krispy Creme Donuts post haste so you had the time to roll your balls around it. Maybe the husband or wife was the only thing standing between you and your workout regiment to finally capture that gold medal from the Extreme … Continue reading →

Break out the brews and boards, Big white is open for business!

Due to the below season average temperature and all the white stuff that has come early this year, Big White has opened a small part of its ski hill until more snow finds its way to the ground! Everyone hopes this is a sign of things to come. Well who wouldn’t? I will just say now, I am excited, and down like brown town! Unfortunately I missed opening weekend, on the count of being stuck 4,029 Km away in Toronto for the next couple of weeks, until I make my way back to the mountains of BC. Kelowna will soon … Continue reading →

Welcome to Big Whites blog spot! Its on like a prawn that yawns at dawn!!!

Welcome to Whiteroom Tours, your one stop junkie shop for that ‘never-satiated’ Powder Hunt! These guys are serious about what they do, so if you don’t want to a holiday to some of the lightest, driest, fluffiest powder on earth, then surf as far away from this site as quickly as your spindly fingers will click you. First and foremost, Whiteroom Tours is by riders and skiers and FOR riders and skiers. You won’t get any cheesy marketing snow jobs (very appropriate) from anyone associated with Whiteroom, and that also goes for the blog writers! On this particular blog over … Continue reading →

Prospecting Idaho – Episode 2

Whiteroom Tours was founded by a group of skiers and snowboarders dedicated to exploring the worlds mountains. Between us we have skied and snowboarded on every continent, and while we haven’t yet exhausted all the possibilities, we do have a good idea of where some of the earths very best resort skiing and backcountry is. And that’s exactly what we want to share with you. Thursday, November 25, 2010 Prospecting Idaho – Episode 2 Wow…we might have to do a recon mission for a tour to Idaho! Prospecting Idaho Episode # 2 from smith optics on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Whiteroom Tours blog

Hi and welcome to the Whiteroom Tours blog. We aim to provide you with a interesting collection of comments, stories, images and video from our guides and friends embedded in snowy areas around the world. Stay tuned over this coming season for reports from Japan, Canada and the USA….