Japan’s Border open again from October 11 2022

From the 11th of October 2022 Japan has relaxed it’s border entry policies. Key details are: People from most countries may travel to Japan without the need to apply for a visa. Independent travellers will be granted entry, without the need for travel agents or set itineraries. Travellers with 3 (approved) vaccinations will not need … Read more

Japan Border Update – July 2022

We are all waiting to see when Japan will open it’s borders fully, which will allow individual travellers to enter and explore Japan as we did pre-Covid. At the moment only designated tour companies are permitted to accept international clients into Japan, and in a very restrictive manner. These tours are only being run by … Read more

Japan is taking steps to reopen!

Japan’s borders will begin a staged opening from June 10th, with Prime Minister Kishida recently announcing that Japan will be accepting specific guided tour packages from this date. This is the first step on the road to Japan opening its borders fully and allowing all foreign tourists. Since March, Japan has been slowly easing its … Read more

Life on the ground during Covid – 19

With the world turned upside down over the last 6 months due to the onslaught of the Covid-19 virus globally, things remain slightly uncertain as to what the future will hold. We are however beginning to see some positive signs that restrictions are easing to some degree, as new infections begin to drop in some … Read more

24 hours in Tokyo

Vibrant and exciting, Tokyo is an amazing experience that truly encapsulates all aspects of Japan. Get swept up in the fast-paced energy the city, see into the future with Tokyo’s leading technology and underground fashion scenes, or escape the hustle by visiting ancient temples, beautifully manicured state gardens and catch a glimpse of traditional life. … Read more

Hands on with a Katana – a true Japanese Cultural Experience

Samurai, the infamous warriors of Japan, are well known to have been masters of the mighty Katana sword. During the feudal era, powerful families and the shogun (military warlords) ruled Japan, flexing their might by employing both the Samurai and their legendary weapon to achieve and maintain their dominion. Less than an hour from Niseko, … Read more

A Tale of Tenguyama: Demons, Ninjas and Squirrels

As Hokkaido turns from a powder paradise into a deep green jungle in during spring, it’s the perfect time to dig deeper into some of the fascinating culture that this land is famous for. With countless festivals (matsuri) to experience over the warmer months, our exploration of the Tengu – devious supernatural beings – begins … Read more

Tokyo to Niseko Hokkaido on the Shinkansen Bullet Train

No journey to Japan would be complete without taking a trip on their world famous Shinkansen (or bullet) trains. In operation since 1964, these high speed trains were developed as a means to boost economic growth by connecting Tokyo to various regions on the main island of Honshu. As a regular visitor to Hokkaido, I … Read more

Tohoku – Japan’s Unexplored Powder Paradise

Being immersed in language, culture and food in lesser known areas is what drives us to travel further, enriches our experiences and leaves you with a much better and deeper understanding of the country you’re in. Northern Honshu, the Tohoku and Gunma areas have this is droves; your next ski destination in Japan is here. … Read more

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